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Do you want a bigger presence in your neighborhood? Whether you're new to town or have been open for several years already, you can always use more exposure. Well, a great way of doing this is geotargeting, also known as geotargeted advertising, to get your offers to the right people by targeting the correct location.

To get you started, we have compiled a list of some of the best ways of promoting your business with geotargeting:

1. Social Media

Everyone is on social media in today's world, but promoting to everyone isn't always the most cost-effective strategy. A little bit of paid promotion using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can go a long way when using geotargeting to advertise to people in nearby neighborhoods, addresses, or zip codes. You can take it a step further by not only focusing on people in specific areas but also showing social media ads to people in your target demographic with specific interests, incomes, and other factors. 

Maybe next weekend is Super Bowl, and you want to encourage people in your area to order from your pizzeria. So you make a geotargeted Facebook ad to people within a 5-mile radius of your pizzeria and interested in football, saying, "Complete your Super Bowl food spread with pizza from John's Pizzeria - Buy 2 Large Pizza and Get 1 Half-Off."

By geotargeting to precisely who your intended customers are, you save time and money, focusing your efforts where you will see the most results.

2. Google Ads

Utilizing geotargeting with Google Ads is a fantastic marketing tactic because it allows you to focus on the locals in specific areas to improve your chances of them stopping by for a slice of pizza. 

Here’s a great example of how this works: Someone who lives in the townhouse complex down the street searches "restaurants near me". Not only will your restaurant's name appear, but they could also see an ad to get two medium pizzas and an order of breadsticks for $24 at the top of the screen as well. 

Additionally, by adding geographical identification data to things like social media posts or websites (a.k.a. geotagging), you can appear in searches when tourists are looking for something to do, restaurants to try, or places to go. The additional traction allows you to help make a name for yourself and continue to spread the word about your restaurant.

3. POS Heat Maps

Innovative POS systems should be able to show you where your deliveries come from in the form of a color-coded heat map. This map can be beneficial when deciding who you want your next promotion to target or where your next coupon mail-out should go.

Maybe the apartments across the street are a key delivery area for you, or the townhouses two blocks down still have very little engagement with you. Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to do a geotargeted coupon mail-out. So next time Game Day is coming up, you could send a geotargeted "Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off" coupon to the apartments across the street or the townhouses two blocks away to help boost sales.

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine makes using heatmaps simple to track your customers' areas and where you could focus on more to help grow your business.

However you decide to implement geotargeting, we're sure your sales will thank you for it!

Heat Maps: Using Delivery Data to Understand Your Market [Article]


Heat Maps to Understand Your Market

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