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It’s been almost a month since Pizza Expo 2023, but we are still talking about it because it was just that great! It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and meet many more new ones. Our booth visitors had some common interests, and we wanted to share what they were.



1. Cloud Reporting & Analytics

The importance of understanding what is happening in your restaurant in today’s economy is increasing, which was echoed by our booth visitors. Our booth attendees shared that they were looking for more insight into where their money is spent, identify opportunities to enhance their business, and determine ways to cut costs. 

Booth visitors were excited to learn that with SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics they could quickly review reports at a high level and easily drill deeper into that data to gather information on their: 

  • Daily Sales
  • Discounts
  • Voids
  • Labor Costs
  • Delivery Performance
  • Coupon Usage
  • and much more. 

Knowing they could access their store data as detailed charts, graphs, and heat maps filterable by time period, store, and more to understand what is happening in their business gave them peace of mind. Visitors were also excited to learn that they could set up custom thresholds for their key metrics that automatically send email alerts if a store goes outside those thresholds.

Cloud Reporting & Analytics

2. SpeedDine

More and more patrons are looking for an ordering process that is quick and simple, for many this means online ordering and most often from their mobile devices. Booth visitors mentioned that even if they already have an online ordering platform, it doesn’t measure up or is not mobile-friendly. Our booth visitors were happy to learn that SpeedLine's online ordering platform SpeedDine, is mobile-first and offers the fast and reliable online experience their customers expect.

It was reassuring for our booth visitors to know that their customers could order from their phone, tablet, computer, or your branded mobile app, and they would get the same intuitive, responsive, brand experience, including:

  • Simple order flow
  • Upselling prompts and Cross Selling prompts
  • Accurate pricing that always matches the store
  • Location map and hours for pickups
  • Current quoted times
  • Dispatch messages



3. LiveMaps & Delivery

Delivery plays a big role in the pizza world, but so much more goes into efficient and profitable delivery than just dropping off the pizza. From managing multiple deliveries at once, assigning drivers, and providing accurate quoted delivery times, offering delivery is not a simple task. Our booth visitors were eager to hear that SpeedLine’s Delivery & LiveMaps functionality gives their restaurant the power to handle deliveries with efficiency and ease to keep their orders flying out the door. 

Some of the key aspects of SpeedLine’s LiveMaps functionality that grew the attention of our booth visitors were:

  • Live Traffic and Navigation
  • Visual Dispatch
  • Delivery Zones
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Third-Party Delivery
POS LiveMaps map screen


If any of these features also excite you as they did our Pizza Expo 2023 booth visitors and you would like to learn more, reach out to our team to book a demo.


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