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Credit Cards, Gift Cards, and Loyalty

SpeedLine has partnered with Vantiv Integrated Payments (formerly Mercury Payment Systems) to provide smart integrated payment processing and unlimited free gift card transactions. Vantiv’s free, value-added products and services include 24/7 live customer support, multi-store reconciliation, e-commerce solutions, online transaction reporting, stand-in authorization during a network outage, PCI compliance and more.

Vantiv StoreCard gives customers more ways to pay and more reasons to spend. Elevate your gift card program into a promotional tool with gift, stored value, rewards, and digital payment in a plastic card or mobile app.

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If you currently process credit cards though a US bank or processing network, SpeedLine integrates with Monetra, from Main Street Softworks, to support many common processing networks. Whether your establishment is considered quick-service or dine-in, with Monetra you get reliable, non-stop transaction processing and sophisticated, automatic communications fail-over. 

Find out more about Monetra at:

Loyalty, gift, comp, and email technology developed exclusively for restaurants. 

Quick service, fast casual, or fine dining chains alike have gained a competitive advantage with Paytronix.

Paytronix technology provides the tools restaurateurs need to drive traffic, increase sales, and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Our software, including deep integrations with the most prolific restaurant POS systems and our proprietary Rules and Wallets technology, powers the most innovative loyalty, gift, comp, and email programs in the industry.

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Engage with customers, predict customer behavior, and execute marketing at any store automatically.

Punchh provides loyalty programs designed for your restaurant's concept and brand.  

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Online Ordering

Brygid Technologies provides the ability for customers to order food online through the convenience of your own restaurant web site.  Utilizing SpeedLine Connect, we provide a powerful, customized and fully integrated solution that sends online orders directly to your SpeedLine POS. As part of our e-commerce service, we also offer an iPhone/mobile ordering interface that works seamlessly with your web site to reach your customers who are on the go. Try ordering on this demo site.

For more info, visit Brygid Technologies at:

Third party online ordering websites such as GrubHub, Door Dash, and Eat24 can be a great solution for restaurants looking to expand their customer base. But the process of re-entering orders from these sites into a point of sale system is inefficient and time consuming. That is where Chowly comes into the picture. 

Chowly, Inc. was created by hospitality professionals to improve restaurant efficiency by integrating third party online ordering platforms automatically—directly into your SpeedLine POS. Orders from these channels will automatically flow into SpeedLine, print at the appropriate kitchen printers (or display on your kitchen monitors), and automatically close the ticket, completing the sale. 

For more info, visit Chowly, Inc. at:

While most online ordering companies try to squeeze your unique requirements into their system, Real Time Ordering adapts its system to match your restaurants’ business needs. Whether it’s an iPhone application, a Create Your Own Pizza Wizard, multiple delivery regions, or a special coupon or topping strategy, RTO delivers a solution that gives you exactly what your brand needs. RTO is an experienced provider of corporate and franchise solutions, and an industry leader in creating customized, integrated web sites that match each restaurant's unique flavor. The RTO/SpeedLine integration includes automatic web menu updates, real time order quotes, and seamless coupon code functionality.

For more info, visit Real Time Ordering at:

QuikOrder Online Ordering is the fastest, easiest way to give your customers the power of Internet ordering. They’ll appreciate the convenience, and you’ll appreciate the reduced labor time, higher order accuracy and increase in average ticket. 

For more info, visit Quik Order at:

The MenuDrive mission is to help restaurants succeed with e-commerce. They do this through robust, easy, and feature-rich software that’s affordable, while making sure their clients have the most reliable and responsive service. The MenuDrive team is composed of talented developers, designers, and service professionals, who are passionate about technology and restaurants. They built MenuDrive from the ground up based on years of restaurant feedback. Their goal? To take the hassle out of running an online store, so that their customers can focus on what they do best – building successful restaurants.

For more info, visit MenuDrive at:

TakeOut Technologies is the industry leader providing online ordering and customizable call center integration for single and multi-unit restaurants who seek to expand their market reach, leverage new technology for greater ordering efficiency, and increase financial returns while offering an exceptional customer experience. We have been developing our online ordering system specifically for the restaurant industry for over 13 years.

For more info, visit TakeOut Technologies at:

orderTalk provides restaurant operators with cost effective and customer-friendly online ordering software and call center solutions. orderTalk provides proven technology with flexible pricing plans ranging from fixed monthly fees to flexible transaction costs. orderTalk works with you to create a unique, branded, online customer experience for your single unit or multi-unit chain. With orderTalk, you increase check averages, accuracy and customer satisfaction. orderTalk includes a standard interface to import orders automatically into your SpeedLine POS.

For more info, visit orderTalk at:

Cute Order is a leader in online ordering technology and centralized call center applications for the restaurant industry. Offering unmatched cutting-edge solutions, Cute Order soft solutions have been deployed in more than 11,000 sites across the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

Cute Order was the first to take the integration to SpeedLine Connect to new levels with its innovative SpeedLine Menu Sync. Restaurants no longer have to update both their Speedline POS menu and an online menu. With AROS, updates to the Speedline POS menu at the restaurant are reflected automatically online.

For more info, visit Cute Order at:

Nextep Systems is a leading provider of automated ordering solutions for restaurants, casinos, stadiums, airports, and grocery stores. Primary solutions include touch screen self order kiosks, online ordering, iOrderFast™ mobile smartphone ordering, and digital menu boards.

Nextep combines rich, intuitive graphical user interfaces with robust enterprise-class administrative tools to deliver a simple yet powerful total solution. Nextep also offers interfaces to leading POS systems for seamless operations and reporting.

For more info, visit Nextep Systems at:

Built for restaurant owners who want to accept orders online, Orders2me is an online ordering system that allows customers to place orders from any device. Unlike third-party portals, you will have full control over your online system without having to pay outrageous fees. Orders2me finally gives you, the owner, the all-in-one online ordering solution you have been looking for. We also offer mobile friendly website design and custom branded mobile apps for all size restaurants; whether you are a single unit operation OR multi-location franchise.

For more info, visit Orders2me at:

Mobile Apps

A Y Technologies

A.Y. Technologies provides custom mobile apps for your restaurant with features such as mobile ordering for delivery and pickup, integrated rewards and gift cards, push notifications, and more. Our apps are native for both Android and iOS platforms and will give you 1st level presence on your customers’ smartphones. Using SpeedLine Connect, your app is fully integrated with SpeedLine, and we send the customer orders directly to your SpeedLine POS. Your customers will never need to enter your web address on their phone browser—they can order their favorite pizzas with a few taps.

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Integrate with payroll software to simplify employee pay and tax management. Import pay period data from SpeedLine to review and manage your payroll online from anywhere. 

Contact ADP for more information. Your SpeedLine Support provider can assist you with setup.

Video Surveillance

March Networks is a leading provider of reliable IP video solutions used by some of the world’s largest retail organizations to improve performance and profits. 

March Networks Searchlight for Retail software integrates high-quality surveillance video with transaction data from SpeedLine’s enterprise restaurant point of sale system. The solution provides retailers with centralized loss prevention tools that speed investigations and improve loss detection and recovery rates. 

Retailers can search across multiple locations simultaneously by transaction type, amount, or card number; quickly identify and visually verify suspect transactions; and gather strong case evidence to improve apprehension and recovery rates. 

The solution also integrates optional business analytics that help retailers track performance and quickly see where improvements can be made in restaurant operations, customer service, sales, staffing levels, promotional effectiveness and compliance. 

For more info, visit March Networks at:

Envysion’s Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) enables multi-unit operators to easily leverage remote video to better understand their business and improve profitability 10-15% without straining the IT organization or network. Operators benefit from an easy-to-use interface, point of sale integration with powerful exception-based reports and alerts, and a scalable PCI compliant architecture. Envysion’s MVaaS solution is used by leading restaurant, retail, hospitality and other organizations throughout North America.

For more info, visit Envysion at:

Odyssey Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is an early pioneer in digital video. With over 13,000 video surveillance systems installed worldwide, Odyssey differentiates itself by providing equipment, software, and services for centralizing and automating multi-site operations in Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, and Property Management. Remote Eyes systems feature superior video compression, multi-site remote video management, and integration with point-of-sale, access control and networked transaction systems.

For more info, visit Odyssey Technologies, Inc. at:

Enterprise Reporting

Ctuit Restaurant Management Solutions

The integration between SpeedLine and Ctuit allows SpeedLine customers to access Ctuit’s broad range of business intelligence tools, allowing restaurant operators to control food and labor costs, increase sales and better manage their businesses. Ctuit’s innovative all-in-one restaurant management software equips restaurateurs with powerful business intelligence and meaningful data to deliver success that you can see and taste. To learn more, visit Ctuit at

Restaurant Magic Software, provider of Data Central, is focused on providing the best business software systems to restaurant operators. Data Central delivers a powerful restaurant Back Office system to any web-connected Windows PC in your organization. In a fast moving business, where every shift counts, pushing one more penny per dollar to the bottom line takes really smart people working really hard. Your team needs the right information to make good business decisions. That’s Data Central.

DelaGet is the leading provider of business process outsourcing services to the restaurant industry. Through our online, service based platform, DelaGet delivers technologies and services for accounting, payroll and above store reporting. DelaGet easily integrates your unit level POS data above store, for insight into operational effectiveness at individual locations and chain-wide. With more than 6,000 units connected worldwide, DelaGet is the largest, most stable and fastest growing business process outsourcing service provider in the industry.

MyBizView is an above store reporting tool, a business management web portal, and a central destination for the information the multi-unit operator needs. A fully transparent view of your entire team’s performance makes proactive decision-making a competitive reality. MyBizView delivers point of sale data through easy to use visual tools that help you spot opportunities and immediately identify areas where attention is needed. On demand web-based reporting is built on relational, fully drillable, ticket level data for: Labor Management, Delivery Execution, Loss Prevention, Customer Complaints, Food Costs, Promo redemption, Geo-Coded delivery transactions, P&L,Payroll, and more. For more information, call (888) 943-8628 or email

Supported Hardware Vendors

ELO Touch

Touchscreen monitors and monitor-mounted card swipes.


POSIFLEX design and manufacture products that represent a full range of POS and touch technology systems, including all-in-one computers, mag card reader attachments, customer displays, and cash drawers.


Cost-efficient, powerful, expandable desktop computer solutions.


POS receipt printers. Compact, reliable and optimized for high-speed throughput.

Caller ID monitors all aspects of incoming and outgoing calls, displays the caller's customer record on-screen, and reports on order status.


ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) kitchen monitors adapt quickly and easily to any restaurant environment and provide support for busy kitchens with kitchen video, programmable prep times, and access to real-time production information. Its powerful data tools and customized options make CSK a worldwide leader in kitchen display systems.

MS Cash Drawer

Founded in 1974, M-S Cash Drawer manufactures one of the most reputable brands of cash drawers in the market today.

DigitalPersona® fingerprint sensors. Crossmatch solutions offer the power of biometric identity verification to link transactions to individuals. More than 90% of the biometrics-based, point-of-sale solutions on the market today use our technologies. 

Drive-thru displays. Delphi is expert in outdoor display technology, and now has nearly 15 years of installing equipment in the drive-thrus of virtually every QSR brand. To date, Delphi has sold nearly 20,000 displays worldwide.