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The Americas Independent source for ECRs, POS systems, Terminals, Peripherals, Parts and Supplies for 80 years.

POSIFLEX design and manufacture products that represent a full range of POS and touch technology systems. Posiflex contributions are based on commitment to POS and touch technology leadership. Performance, Cost Savings, Technology, Reliability, Green Design, and Exceptional Quality.


Dell offers solutions for personal computing to small, medium or large business; laptops, desktops, servers monitors, printers and computer accessories.


Providing cutting-edge imaging solutions, focused on the fields of imaging on paper, imaging on screen, and imaging on glass.


Display and Store Caller ID on your PC. Complete packages including hardware and software for business applications.


QSR Automations is your connection for hospitality automation software and hardware solutions.


M-S Cash Drawer, headquartered in Pasadena, CA, is a leading manufacturer of cash drawers and distributor of point-of-sale, barcode, and card technology equipment.

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