Online ordering ebook for restaurants

If you’re a pizzeria owner looking to provide efficient online food ordering to your customers and increase your sales, you know how difficult it can be to achieve this without a proper online ordering platform.




You may have found yourself in the past struggling to use third-party ordering systems that don’t talk to your POS, manually entering orders (resulting in frequent errors), or making due with an online ordering system that wasn’t designed to handle all the complexities of pizza.
We walk you through features to look for in an online ordering platform for your pizzeria. In this free ebook, you'll find:
  • Why you need online ordering
  • How to choose the best online ordering platform
  • Ways to ensure all your orders are sent directly to the POS
  • What to look for in website design
  • Why mobile design is so critical
  • How to use tools to increase online sales
  • And much more!