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Reporting with a SpeedLine POS

“We had SpeedLine installed five months ago, and I have already noticed improvements in the business: better communication, fewer errors, no more refunding money for charging the customers a wrong price, and more personal contact with our customers. We can also keep better track of frequent or lazy customers with the SpeedLine reports. We knew SpeedLine was best suited for Ameci’s needs, and that’s why we chose them as our POS provider. The SpeedLine system has been easy to teach to my employees, and very simple for them to use.”

Maria Spaccarelli, Manager, Ameci Pizza & Pasta

“Right now we’re taking customer data from all stores and we’re putting it onto a map. That allows us to extrapolate exactly what percentage of our sales is coming from a specific area. We then use that map to create targeted zones for our marketing efforts. The ability to collect accurate and timely data gives Pizza Ranch a competitive edge: “SpeedLine is our strategic secret. Chains that do not want us to beat them to the finish line should get SpeedLine.”

Jon Moss, Brand Director, Pizza Ranch

KPI Reporting and Data Analytics

Get the financial facts with SpeedLine POS software. From sales, to customer data, to labor stats, SpeedLine's customizable reports take the guesswork out of managing your restaurant.


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One Pizza Chain’s Strategic Secret