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Reporting with a SpeedLine POS

"I love SpeedLine because it’s just so precise; and everything gets broken down. There is so much information. I just love it. What I like best about SpeedLine is the day report, the sales summary, and the item summary report. I use the sale summary probably 4 or 5 times day. It has reduced order taking mistakes to a bare minimum. And when I call, I always get very good service. I haven’t had to call often, but when I do, it has always been excellent. I would highly recommend SpeedLine."
Peggy Berg, Mama's Pizza

“A consistent technology solution in all our stores is important. We believe that SpeedLine is the best product for our restaurants, and so we’re mandating it in all locations. We design our training for new franchisees around the POS. It allows us to manage the business efficiently and train effectively. When I looked at POS systems, the first thing I wanted to see was the back office—how it works under the hood. SpeedLine has all the bells and whistles, but what’s most important to me is that I learned it quickly, and I can teach it quickly. SpeedLine is logical. It’s a structured, orderly system that makes sense. That makes it easy to use and easy to train."

Dave Howey, President of Chicago Franchise Systems (Nancy’s™ Pizzeria and Al’s Beef)

Reporting with your SpeedLine Restaurant POS

Get the financial facts with SpeedLine POS software. From sales, to customer data, to labor stats, SpeedLine's customizable reports take the guesswork out of managing your restaurant.


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