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Reporting with a SpeedLine POS

“SpeedLine has an excellent track record within the Godfather’s Pizza organization. So when we decided to upgrade our stores with an enterprise point of sale system, SpeedLine was the obvious choice. Our store operators appreciate the SpeedLine system for its reliability and ease of use, but we also see great strategic value: we expect to recover our investment in part by leveraging the data from our corporate stores for analysis at head office.”

Annette Sneckenberg, Vice President & CFO, Godfather’s Pizza

“SpeedLine’s database mailings, reports, and delivery zones functions have saved us time and money, and improved both our sales and service to our customers. We are 100% satisfied with our decision to install SpeedLine, and would choose you again if we had to—no hesitation.”

Diana Cline, Owner, Diana’s Gourmet Pizzeria

Reporting with your SpeedLine Restaurant POS

Get the financial facts with SpeedLine POS software. From sales, to customer data, to labor stats, SpeedLine's customizable reports take the guesswork out of managing your restaurant.


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