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The SpeedLine Customer Support site hosts an extensive library of online training videos and tutorials to teach you how to use SpeedLine effectively. The site features an extensive selection of restaurant marketing videos and tutorials, on popular topics such as coupons, email marketing, direct mail, loyalty programs, and more. View a PDF info sheet.

Access to the videos and tutorials is free for all SpeedLine customers with a support subscription, and all customers can get support and installation information. Not yet a member? Register now.

Marketing, Loyalty, Promotions, and CRM

Loyal customers are the key to long-term profitability. Keep them coming back with SpeedLine’s customer marketing tools.

POS Marketing Articles

Topic:  Marketing, Restaurant Management, Planning Tools
from Hospitality Technology

This article explains how pizza restaurants can use their POS systems for database marketing. It features two SpeedLine customers: Jon Moss at Pizza Ranch and David Henderson of Capital Pizza Huts.

Topic:  Marketing
from Pizza Marketplace

This article describes how to use the untapped potential of your pizza restaurant's POS database for direct marketing.

Topic:  Marketing, Restaurant Management
from Pizza Marketplace

Using your POS to map your delivery zones can help improve your ability to deliver hot pizza every time. Mapping can also enable you to track your hottest delivery zones and target your direct mail efforts for better return on your marketing dollars.

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SpeedMail is a full-service database marketing program that lets you automate weekly postcard mailings to high-impact customer groups.

The program offers a lot of flexibility: plan weekly mailings with customized coupons to any segment of your database. Once you're set up, the program takes less than two minutes of a manager's time each week. 

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