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Reward your customers, and your restaurant business.

Reward your customers, and your restaurant business. restaurant marketing

Choose a restaurant loyalty program that fits your concept. Build order frequency and ticket size with loyalty rewards with free loyalty tools built into SpeedLine POS, or choose from a variety of integrated options for loyalty and rewards programs.

SpeedLine Loyalty. restaurant marketingA single-store loyalty program is included with the SpeedLine POS. Your customers earn points based on the value or number of orders placed, or on the menu items they buy.

It's free except for the cost of cards, if you use them.

Punchh Loyalty. restaurant marketingPunchh loyalty allows you to offer a cardless multi-store loyalty option to your customers. Customers can install the Punchh app on their smartphones, so a plastic card is not required. Best suited to brands with 20+ locations, Punchh takes loyalty mobile.

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Paytronix loyalty. restaurant marketingPaytronix offers a complete enterprise loyalty solution. Paytronix works bests with brands with 15 or more locations, and allows you to run dozens of programs simultaneously. Capture a customer's activities from multiple locations to easily identify your best customers, track purchase behaviour, and design personalized promotions. 

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Vantiv StoreCard. restaurant marketingFrom Vantiv Integrated Payments, StoreCard serves up gift + rewards + mobile payment in an all-in-one stored value card and mobile app. Suitable for single stores and chains of all sizes, StoreCard supports optional rewards, eGift, and social gifting.

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Compare loyalty program options.

learn more about upselling. restaurant marketing

Increase ticket size.

Sell more specialty items and high-margin extras with automated upselling prompts and enforced modifiers. By linking the sale of one item to a prompt for a larger size or a second item, your staff suggest the right thing at the right time, every time. You can even define multiple pop-up prompts to appear in a sequence, guiding your order-takers through the sale.

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Do offers your way. 

Developed in consultation with restaurant operators, flexible coupon rules and state-of-the-art controls improve speed of service and coupon tracking. Choose to: 

  • pop up applicable coupons automatically,
  • auto-apply coupons, or
  • select a coupon from the Coupons screen.

New coupons are easy to set up with the SpeedLine Coupons Wizard. Define rules for virtually any offer, including size substitutions, restrictions by day, time, minimum purchase, order type and more. Flexible coupon rules protect your profit margins by restricting coupons to a manager's override or preventing employees from discounting key, high-margin items.

Coupons and offers your way. restaurant marketing
Learn More About How to Be Successful with Gift Cards. restaurant marketing

Give the gift of gift cards.

Gift cards remain one of the most popular gift choices, and 65% of recipients spend almost 40% more than the face value, according to sources like Nasdaq.com. 

SpeedLine supports multiple gift and stored value card programs and processors.

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Find out what your customers want.

Learn about your customers' habits with a wide variety of reports. Find your best sellers and compare sales between items with the graphical sales and item summary tools.

Do delivery? See a color-coded "heat map" of sales, lazy customers, and more across your trade area with LiveMaps. Target your mailers to your most profitable neighbourhoods, or send coupons to areas that need a boost in sales.

More About SpeedLine Reports

Customer sales reports: find out what your customers want. restaurant marketing
Leverage the power of your customer database. restaurant marketing

Leverage the power of your customer database.

Take advantage of your delivery customer base with a database marketing program. SpeedLine SpeedMail™ lets you automate weekly postcard or coupon mailings to high-impact customer groups. For only two minutes of your manager's time, you can customize coupons or mailings for any segment of your database. 

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Customer messaging.

Personal is everything. Create personalized messages to prompt staff at the point of sale or to print on receipts:

  • Welcome new customers back, or win back lapsed customers with a special deal
  • Print a short customer satisfaction survey on the receipt, or a link to your online survey
  • Help your customers celebrate and build loyalty with a birthday message and offer
  • Email customers with a personalized message to let them know their delivery is on the way
  • Commercial, promotional, and mass email options.
Customer messaging: delivery confirmation email message. restaurant marketing

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