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POS Security Articles

Topic:  Restaurant Management, Security
Jennifer Wiebe

What is PCI compliance? What do you need to do as a restaurant operator to be PCI compliant? Do you need to use a PCI compliant POS? Find out how an upgrade to the latest version of SpeedLine can help you take an important step toward compliance.

Topic:  Security

This short article provides links to information to help you understand the new Payment Industry Card standards and achieve compliance.

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Manage Your Employees with SpeedLine POS Software

SpeedLine POS software tracks your employee hours and reports on labor versus sales at your restaurant. Communicate with your employees through your POS system, and you can ensure messages are read and important dates are not forgotten.

Managing Staff with a SpeedLine POS

“Speedline has streamlined our ordering process, so each employee is able to quickly and efficiently handle customers’ orders, even during peak business hours.  All of the tickets are printed with the same format (as opposed to handwritten tickets), which helps reduce mistakes.  We have used tools in SpeedLine to help match up tickets better, so pizzas and dinners go out together, salads and appetizers get sent out first—the food is going out much more smoothly.”

Peggy Berg, Mama's Pizza