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POS Security Articles

Topic:  Security
Jim Fish

This short article outlines the steps you can take to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI Standards) and protect your customers' credit card information.

Topic:  Restaurant Management, Security
Louise Rousseau

The National Restaurant Association estimates that US restaurants lose $2 billion each year to employee theft. Is it happening to you? Find out how you can tighten security in your restaurant and use your POS to identify and wipe out theft.

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Manage Your Employees with SpeedLine POS Software

SpeedLine POS software tracks your employee hours and reports on labor versus sales at your restaurant. Communicate with your employees through your POS system, and you can ensure messages are read and important dates are not forgotten.

Managing Staff with a SpeedLine POS

“SpeedLine is an excellent POS system. Since installing SpeedLine, I have noticed improvements in everything – more reports, more accuracy, less thefts, more accountability. SpeedLine is built for pizzerias specifically, and it tracks every aspect of my business. I like being able to track all my tickets and know when my employees are in and out. I'm able to go back and view everything. I will always recommend SpeedLine - it’s the all-around best program.”

Aldo Venturino, Owner, Venezia’s Pizzeria