Point of Sale features: SpeedLine tools that make a difference.

From mobile ordering to delivery, inventory tracking to labor planning, find the point of sale capabilities you need to drive new restaurant efficiency and profit.

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Simplified Ordering

Quickly and easily enter orders.


Boost delivery profit with a POS delivery system.

Employee Management

Control labor costs by scheduling shifts based on sales history.


Monitor food costs and portions to keep a lid on food costs.


Securely access all your reports from anywhere.

Coupons & Value Meals

Easily set up value meals, offer prompts and coupons.

Enterprise POS

Connect your stores to head office for consolidated reporting and integration.

Payment Security

Keep your customers' payment information safe and secure.


SpeedLine supports a wide range of POS hardware.

Simplify ordering.

SpeedLine makes ordering easy. Speed up order entry for takeout, delivery, table service, catering, and buffets. Offer create-your-own subs and pizzas? Half-and-half pizzas? A custom SpeedLine menu is always the right fit.

  • Upselling prompts remind staff to offer add-ons consistently.
  • Directed Order Entry prompts walk order takers through value meals, ensuring nothing is forgotten.
  • Conversational ordering lets you enter items and toppings in any order. 
  • Customer wants the usual? Touch to recall and reorder past items or full orders in an instant. 

"Order-taking is fast, and upselling is easier—with fewer errors."

Greg Thomas
Mama Roni's Pizza

Simplify ordering. -pos-features

Mary Jane Riva Pizza Factory  Drive delivery efficiency. -pos-features

"Our SpeedLine POS system allows us to look and see where our deliveries are, or where they’re not, which is probably more important. That allows us to pick an area and market to it just to promote those deliveries."

Mary Jane Riva
Pizza Factory

Drive delivery efficiency.

Boost delivery profit with a POS delivery system designed to drive efficiency in every aspect of your delivery business. From mobile orders to Visual Dispatch, SpeedLine paves the way to more profitable on-time deliveries.

  • Dispatch more effectively with on-map order selection and expected driver return times
  • Draw and change delivery zones at any time for consistent fees that recover costs.
  • Mapping technology with live traffic plots the best course and sends the route directly to the driver's phone.
  • Keep your customers in the loop with automated delivery notifications and accurate ETAs.

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Control labor costs.

Controlling labor costs is an ongoing challenge. SpeedLine helps you schedule shifts based on sales history, then integrates the schedule with the employee time clock. Dashboard reports help you stay on top of labor costs throughout the day.

  • Require a manager override to clock in early or clock out late.
  • Record all edits to the original shift and monitor changes.
  • Track employee skills and credentials, including license expiration dates. 

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Control labor costs -pos-features

“Over the last ten years, we have logged just under
two million orders with SpeedLine. As of today, we have not lost a single order!”

David Kenney, Pizza Pirates

Keep a lid on food cost.

Control prime cost by monitoring your food costs and portions. See fluctuations in food costs and identify problem areas using SpeedLine Inventory™.

  • Use the Sales Mix to understand recipe costs and set prices.
  • Track real vs. ideal inventory variances to identify problems.
  • Report on product cost and margin.
  • Manage food costs with weights on make tickets for consistent portion control.

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"Using SpeedLine Inventory, we have saved an average of 5% off of food cost."

Dave Howey
Chicago Franchise Systems

Keep a lid on food cost -pos-features
Secure remote access-pos-features

Secure remote access.

With SpeedWeb, you have access to live store information on any mobile device or remote computer. But, PCI Security Standards and security best practices mandate that your POS cannot be left open to the internet. So SpeedWeb and your SpeedLine POS employ multiple security layers to ensure your business and customer information remains secure.

More About Remote Reporting with SpeedWeb

Automate coupons and value meals.

SpeedLine can handle virtually any coupon offer. Define rules for size substitutions and restrict coupons by the time of day or minimum purchase. Easily set up value meals and offers.

  • Set coupons and deals to pop up automatically, select by description, ID, or barcode.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of coupons and deals with reports and analytics. 
  • Manage coupons for all your locations in a master menu, or at store level.

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Automate coupons and value meals-pos-features
Manage enterprise -pos-features

Manage enterprise POS.

Designed for growth and scalability, SpeedLine works for any restaurant company – big or small, from independent businesses to large, multinational chains. SpeedLink Enterprise™ feeds point of sale data to head office for consolidated reporting and integration.

  • Easily manage menus and promo changes for multiple locations and regions. Schedule menu delivery and effective dates to plan ahead.
  • Connect the POS with head office systems for keener insights, a consistent brand experience, and more seamless and profitable operations.

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Lock down payment security & PCI.

Safeguard your customers’ payment information—and your business. With PA-DSS validated software and QIR-certified installation services, SpeedLine is your payment security partner.

  • Did you know that more cases of credit card fraud occur in restaurants than anywhere else? Make sure you're protected.
  • SpeedLine is PA-DSS validated, tested and verified top to bottom.
  • Your SpeedLine installation professional is trained, tested, and QIR certified to install secure systems.

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Lock down payment security & PCI-pos-features
Choose the right POS hardware-pos-features

Choose the right POS hardware.

SpeedLine supports a wide range of POS hardware—selected for value, performance, and durability. Already have a POS system? Chances are, we can reuse some of your existing hardware to save you money.

  • Select POS computers to meet your budget and business needs.
  • Select POS equipment and peripherals—from printers to customer displays to cameras and more.
  • Choose quality equipment with excellent warranties and service options.

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