SpeedLine FAQs

Have questions about SpeedLine? Read through the list of frequently asked questions. 


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Is the POS system customizable?

One of the biggest advantages to having a SpeedLine POS is that your SpeedLine menu can be completely customized to your restaurant concept. Even before installation, the SpeedLine Support Team works with you to build your menu and is available to show you how to make updates.

Are you using multiple systems? Integrate online ordering, third-party delivery, business intelligence solutions, and many others to build a solution that works for you.

Does SpeedLine accommodate half-and-half pizzas?
Of course we do! How could we consider ourselves a pizza POS system if we didn’t? SpeedLine boasts a variety of pizza customization options that allow your customers to get creative. Learn about our pizza-specific features on our pizza features page.
What kind of support does SpeedLine offer?
Our Support Team call center is located at our head office, in Abbotsford, BC, and offers live, toll-free support 365 days a year. You can even choose to have menu changes and upgrades taken care of for you. Learn more about our Support Services.
Does SpeedLine have tablets to take orders in our dining room?

Yes! SpeedLine has mobile options for both dine-in and quick service. Learn more about them here. 

Can SpeedLine handle loyalty and rewards programs?
Yes, use SpeedLine’s own loyalty program, or provided by one of our partners. Learn about SpeedLine’s loyalty options.
Does SpeedLine offer online ordering?
SpeedLine offers an exciting online ordering product called SpeedDine. SpeedDine offers the fast and reliable online experience your customers have come to expect. Find out more.
Does SpeedLine integrate with third-party delivery companies?
Unlike many other POS alternatives, SpeedLine uses trusted technology partners to seamlessly funnel third-party orders directly into the POS, so they print in the kitchen just like other orders.
Is SpeedLine PCI compliant?
SpeedLine is PCI compliant. It has PA-DSS Validation, and our installers are QIR-certified. Learn more about SpeedLine’s installation and support.
Do we get the option to use our own processor?
You can use your own processor with SpeedLine through one of two gateways: Worldpay Express Gateway, or Monetra. Some SpeedLine features require Worldpay Express Core.
Can my payroll file be downloaded?
Your payroll report can be sent directly to your accountant, accounting software, or your head office. The following are just a few accounting software options that work directly with SpeedLine POS: Quickbooks for Restaurants, PeachTree Accounting, and Simply Accounting. Learn about the importance of choosing a POS system that works with your accounting software.
Can I take credit at the door?
You can! SpeedLine’s Pay@ the Door™ add-on feature allows you to accept credit card payment upon delivery. Learn more about Pay@ the Door.
Is SpeedLine compatible with my existing hardware?
Our team will work with you to determine if your existing hardware is compatible with SpeedLine and can be reused. Learn more about our installation process.