SpeedLine 7.2 Release 300

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Our Latest Release Updates

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Included in the 7.2 R600 Release:

  • Support for Bing Maps v8. Note: Bing Maps v7 was discontinued by Microsoft at the end of June 2017, so LiveMaps customers who have not yet done so need to upgrade to SpeedLine 7.2 R600.
  • Enhanced LiveMaps display: ETA can be shown on push pin labels; labels are hidden for unselected tickets; driver summary shown at top of map for on way tickets. (R600)
  • Complimentary Discounts report shows employee name. (R600)
  • Better handling of deferred tickets with expired coupons. (R600)
  • Prompt for tip as a percentage of the bill on EMV PIN pads with Monetra. (R600)
  • Schedule an upgrade to run up to 24 hours later. (R600)
  • Menu button image library expanded. (R600)
  • SpeedLine Connect now runs as a Windows service for faster online order processing, even if Terminal is not running. (R500)
  • Define which menu elements, including modifiers, value meals, menu panels, groups, and prices, will appear in the menu for a Store Group. (R400)


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