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World Vision HungerFree

The Giving Committee raised a collective $630 for our Food Bank and World Vision Fundraiser!

Thank you, Team SpeedLine, for your generosity as we work together to share with those in need and build a better world.


Sasiga Project Update:

  • 7 Communities receiving 9 wells and training on needs and benefits of clean water
  • 9 Wells dug
  • 8 Well rings inserted
  • 2 Wells capped with concrete
  • All wells will be completed by the end of August!



SpeedLine Giving back: Run for Water.THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



We raised $1536.00, 154% of our GOAL for Abbotsford’s RUN FOR WATER!

Thanks to YOU, we will provide 44 Ethiopians water for LIFE!

What an amazing Event! There were 1878 participants in the 5K run, and more children participation than ever before!

Yes, they, and we, all got tired but collectively our message was/is clear: This is WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO ...

Special thanks to SpeedLine Staff who manned a Water Station for the 10k and Half Marathon. The Chariots of Fire finale with the fire engine sirens was priceless!

Over $370,000 (a new record) was raised in the Abbotsford Run - providing water to more than 10,500 people in Ethiopia for LIFE!

The Abbotsford Run For Water Staff was ​recently in Sasiga to see the first of 10 water points the support of this year's race will implement. While they were there, they captured the story of Maskereem and Dibe and what clean water means to them.  These are just two lives that are changed because of YOU. And in each village and with each water point, there are more girls like Maskereem and Dibe whose lives will be changed. Because of you.

Run for Water - race startWATCH & SHARE

On behalf of our joint Committee effort:

:: The Giving Committee

:: The Green Committee

:: The Health and Wellness Committee


Run for Water

Crossing the line

You can make a difference!

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Run for Water aid station

Working together to build a better world.

As a company, we’ve been blessed—with phenomenal employees, loyal clients, and financial success. That’s why one pillar of our Company Vision is that We honor our responsibility to share with those in need. Through volunteering and charitable giving, we are committed to work together to build a better world. If one of our giving initiatives speaks to you, we invite you to join us!