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Ann’s dependable, high integrity performance is evident every day through accurate work, holding herself and others accountable, caring for all our resources, and being a champion of day-to-day organization and priority management. Consistently patient and gracious while serving customers, she also shows exceptional leadership in recognizing opportunities to streamline processes, meeting metrics and business goals, and serving on SpeedLine committees. For this, and for having an attitude of gratitude and expressing appreciation for how SpeedLine gives back to employees and puts their customers first, we recognize Ann as an outstanding employee.

Who We Are

At SpeedLine, we work together to create and support point of sale software that restaurant companies use to deliver millions of pizzas every week. 

  • We deliver products and service that make our customers more successful. That’s our mission, and we work hard to achieve it. 
  • We work full, busy days, but outrageous long hours are not in our DNA. We believe in work/life balance, and we live it.
  • Our head office looks out over raspberry fields and Mount Baker. Good freeway access means we’re an easy commute from anywhere in the Fraser Valley. It’s a lot easier to have a life when you don’t spend all your time in the car.
  • Our counterparts at our US subsidiary spend much of their time on site at customers’ restaurant locations and offices—but they work from a home base only minutes away from our headquarters.
  • A great product and reputation attract strong talent. All of that adds up to an attractive place to work—and an experienced and tenured team. 

Join us.

Current opportunities.

In the Spotlight: The SpeedLine Customer Service Coordinator

The SpeedLine Customer Service Coordinator wears many hats, with responsibilities split between 3 teams: Support, Installation, and Training.

The coordinator works directly with SpeedLine customers—coaching them as they plan for upcoming installations, scheduling and arranging the trainers’ travel, and staying in touch with the install staff and new restaurant client through the entire installation.

Internally, the coordinator coordinates staff and customer training, assists Sales in managing installation timelines, arranges company travel, and updates company documentation. The coordinator also assists with hiring in Support, vetting resumes, prescreening potential candidates, and participating in panel interviews.

Customer Service Coordinator Tanya says, “I really appreciate the diversity of my role here at SpeedLine.  I especially enjoy collaborating with all our new customers to facilitate an installation experience that goes smoothly and meets their needs.  From gathering information, to pre-configuring the system to meet each customer’s specifications, to determining training needs and selecting the right installation dates, I am here to assist!”

New Hires & Awards

A warm welcome to new team members: Nicole in Sales; Ben, Darren, Alan and James in Development; Don, Asif, Kurtis and Jefferson in Customer Service; Bernie in IT; and Ryan in Marketing. Thanks for choosing SpeedLine, and for the unique skills, experience, and dedication you bring to the company! Congratulations go to Omer and Gordon, who were promoted to the role of Devleopment Technical Lead.

New support staff in training; a new developer on the job.

At our recent company meeting, we also recognized two employees who celebrated their 10-year milestone with SpeedLine: Congratulations to Nick and Brandon!

Giochi di Pasta Lunch and Team Challenge


At a recent company “Giochi di Pasta" pasta lunch and team building event hosted by Operations, teams were tasked with creating structures out of spaghetti, marshmallows, tape and string. No small feat, considering that most of us were feeling more like a short nap after our delicious (and enormous) lunch of spaghetti with a choice of homemade sauces, caesar salad, and garlic bread!  

The winning team was Team Verona for their creation called Corda Tesa, which means “high wire” in Italian.

winning creation Corda Tesa

"Corda Tesa" (high wire).