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Craig Baker with pizzas

   Outstanding Employee

Tracy brightens the Sales department every day with her smile. Her coworkers appreciate her positive vibe, but also her hard work, mentoring of new team members, and willingness to answer questions that come up. For being a vital part of her team, Tracy is recognized as an outstanding employee.

Who We Are

At SpeedLine, we work together to create and support point of sale software that restaurant companies use to deliver millions of pizzas every week. 

  • We deliver products and service that make our customers more successful. That’s our mission, and we work hard to achieve it. 
  • We work full, busy days, but outrageous long hours are not in our DNA. We believe in work/life balance, and we live it.
  • Our head office looks out over raspberry fields and Mount Baker. Good freeway access means we’re an easy commute from anywhere in the Fraser Valley. It’s a lot easier to have a life when you don’t spend all your time in the car.
  • Our counterparts at our US subsidiary spend much of their time on site at customers’ restaurant locations and offices—but they work from a home base only minutes away from our headquarters.
  • A great product and reputation attract strong talent. All of that adds up to an attractive place to work—and an experienced and tenured team. 

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In the Spotlight: Account Managers at SpeedLine

Account Managers at SpeedLine handle more than sales. They are the key contacts for our valued restaurant clients, sharing feedback to help keep our products and services aligned with our clients’ business needs.

Their prime directive is to advise and collaborate with clients—to ensure they remain lifelong SpeedLine customers.

Sean, a SpeedLine Account Manager since 2015, explains: “The most satisfying part of my role is working with clients to help them build their businesses. Whatever stage they may be at, it's rewarding to know that our tools and services will help them achieve success.”  

Sean adds, “On a daily basis, it's a pleasure to build long-term relationships with franchisees and franchisors. They have many options for point of sale technology, and I feel our relationships and attention to client care as well as our excellent product really set SpeedLine apart. I'm dedicated to providing my clients with the highest level of customer care and product delivery. Their success is my success.”

Recent Moves and Hires

SpeedLine started the new year with a number of new hires and staff promotions. Congratulations go to Steve in Sales, and Aly, Greg, and Jason in Customer Service on their recent promotions. And a warm welcome to new team members: Raj in Operations; Wes in Development; Lynn in Sales; and Guy, Heather, Dennis, Chris, and Brent in Customer Service. Thanks for choosing SpeedLine, and for the unique skills, experience, and dedication you bring to the company!

new employee puzzle

New faces on the team: looks like they'll fit right in!

Giochi di Pasta Lunch and Team Building

Winning pasta buildersCongratulations to Team Verona: Albert, Brian, Omer, Peter, Aly, Steve, Nick, and Tricia.

At a recent company “Giochi di Pasta" pasta lunch and team building event hosted by the Operations Team, multi-department teams were tasked with creating structures out of spaghetti, marshmallows, tape and string. No small feat, considering that most of us were feeling more like a short nap after our delicious lunch of spaghetti with a choice of homemade sauces, caesar salad, and garlic bread!  

Following a company-wide vote for the most creative structure, the winning team was Team Verona for their creation called Corda Tesa, which means “high wire” in Italian.

winning creation Corda Tesa

"Corda Tesa" (high wire).