SpeedLink API

Stay Connected.

Ensure a strong connection between your head office and restaurant locations, using your existing accounting, purchasing, marketing and business intelligence systems. The SpeedLink File API integrates your above store systems with your SpeedLine POS.

Get detailed sales, inventory, and payroll data from each restaurant connected directly to head office, and shrink administrative costs.

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Tap the depth of your SpeedLine data.

Why settle for summary data when the SpeedLink File API an open up access to virtually all the data generated by your SpeedLine POS system:

  • Transaction details for every order and customer.
  • Schedules, time clock data, and payroll info.
  • Stock usage, purchasing, and food costs.
  • Sales forecasts and targets.
  • Inventory ideal usage.

More on SpeedLine Reporting and Analytics

Integrate your systems.

The SpeedLink File API provides allows enterprise reporting and business intelligence solutions to integrate with the SpeedLine POS system.

Do you offer above store reporting and data analysis tools? Become a technology partner.

Dagwoods pizza guests