SpeedLine Connect API

Connect your remote ordering service to SpeedLine.

The SpeedLine Connect API is used by online ordering companies and third-party call center service providers to integrate their applications with SpeedLine POS. The API can also be used to integrate self-serve kiosks, drive-thru ordering centers, or other ordering systems.

With SpeedLine Connect, orders do not need to be created at a SpeedLine POS station; they can be created anywhere and sent to the store’s SpeedLine system.

Help your clients and other SpeedLine users open new sales channels for their restaurant business

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How Connect Works:

SpeedLine Connect securely communicates with a store's SpeedLine POS system using XML messages. The host interface that you create will use these messages to send and receive data to and from the POS system.

Once the XML message has been received, the SpeedLine POS processes it and replies to the host interface, confirming that the message has been successfully received. If the host interface has requested information from the SpeedLine POS, it will be sent in the reply.

Messages can contain information about:

  • Orders
  • Store hours
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Delivery zones
  • Menu
  • Loyalty programs

What the API Includes:

  • SpeedLine Connect Implementation Guide: how to install and set up Connect.
  • SpeedLine Connect Reference Guide Help file: a complete listing of all the messages, responses, and elements used by SpeedLine Connect.
  • XML schema files with XML message and response samples.
  • SpeedLine Connect Demo utility.
  • Demo menu file and menu test script.
  • SpeedLine export File Browser utility.
  • Menu Designer software and help file.

SpeedLine Support will assist you with setup and testing.

Dagwoods pizza guests