Open archictecture

Open architecture gives you the freedom to choose.

An open architecture POS platform allows you the flexibility to integrate the software solutions that work for you and your restaurant. Your POS is the information hub of your restaurant–make sure it talks to your other software solutions.

Tap into transaction data with EventStream.

The EventStream API helps third party software vendors integrate solutions that require live transaction detail with SpeedLine. EventStream sends real-time event data from SpeedLine POS to the the third party software, including such information as where and when the event or transaction took place, and who triggered it. 

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People working together to create possibilities

The possibilities are endless.

  • Video surveillance: overlay the text of your POS activity onto the video
  • Track a specific PLU: to record the sales of one particular item, such as liquor on tap, with a third party monitoring system
  • RSS feeds: Use EventStream data provided to set up an RSS feed for your head office
  • Email/SMS notices: Set up  e-mail or SMS notifications to alert you to certain activity, such as large voids
  • And more

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