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A technology partner to thousands of restaurants and franchise companies like yours, SpeedLine provides software solutions that deliver new efficiency and insight. Our specialty? The unique point of sale demands of pizza and delivery chains.

Founded in 1990, SpeedLine has a long, successful track record in pizza and delivery point of sale. Today, we serve restaurant companies all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, and select franchises abroad.

At SpeedLine, we measure success by the value and service we provide our clients, staff, and community. It’s our vision:

At SpeedLine, we value integrity above all in our people and in our business decisions. We believe that the value and service that we provide our customers is both the means to and the measure of our success. That belief is at the core of our corporate vision:

  • We are recognized as the leader in our industry because of our contribution to our customers' success.
  • We are an employer of choice because of our commitment to our people.
  • We are committed to sharing with those in need and helping make the world a better place.

The SpeedLine Mission Statement is a signpost for our customers and employees that explains what we do—and why. It clearly outlines why we exist, what we produce and provide, and the people we serve:

  • Our customers are why we exist. Helping them succeed is what inspires us to develop and support innovative, point-of-sale centered solutions for the restaurant industry.


While the Company's products and strategies may change over time, SpeedLine’s core values are essential and unchanging. These values govern every company decision and every contact with employees, customers, prospects, and vendors.

At SpeedLine, we hold the following core values:

  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to our coworkers and our customers for our responsibilities, actions, and results.
  • Continuous Improvement: We do better every day by inspiring creativity and innovation and by delivering excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity: We tell the truth, and we deliver on our promises.
  • Respect: We value the talents, efforts, and opinions of everyone we interact with.
  • Stewardship: We value our resources and accept accountability for managing them with care.
  • Teamwork: We communicate and collaborate throughout our organization and with our customers to reach our goals.

Meet the SpeedLine team.

With decades of experience in restaurant POS, we’ve learned from the best: our restaurant clients. We have diverse talents, different interests...but we share a common vision: to make your restaurant business more successful.

  • President & CEO-speedline-solutions President & CEO
    John deWolde—SpeedLine grew out of John's desire to build products to help restaurants succeed. John provides strategic direction and leadership for the company and client relations.
  • managing-director-speedline-solutions Managing Director
    Bryan Champ—Bryan is the company's organizational champion. He oversees all internal projects and operations to achieve company goals and support our company vision.
  • development-manager-speedline-solutions Product & Senior Development Manager
    Mike Anderson—Mike spearheads product strategy, research, and design. He and his teams deliver innovative products that make SpeedLine the go-to for pizza and delivery point of sale solutions.
  • marketing-manager-speedline-solutions Sales & Marketing Director
    Brad Brooks—Brad is responsible for leading the integrated Sales and Marketing strategy for the organization, including strategically positioning our brand and leading the deployment of sales.
  • support-manager-speedline-solutions Customer Service Manager
    Garry Pederson—With an avid interest in new technologies, Garry steers his large team to support SpeedLine clients and staff in the most efficient, friendly, and responsive way possible.
  • operations-manager-speedline-solutions Operations Manager
    Pam Miedema—Pam directs profitable office and warehouse operations. Managing receivables, purchasing, inventory, and facilities, she leads with a passion for the company and our customers.
  • enterprise-account-manager-speedline-solutions Enterprise Account Manager
    Justin Sheridan—Justin develops and manages large multi-unit accounts at SpeedLine. He is passionate about understanding his clients' business challenges, and working alongside them to meet their needs.
  • Sean Crocker corporate account manager -speedline-solutionsSenior Corporate Account Manager
    Sean Crocker—Sean’s focus is exemplary customer service—an approach honed by years in retail management. “Their success is my success” is the core belief Sean applies to client relationships.
  • Tracy Emmons, sales coordinator -speedline-solutions Sales Coordinator
    Tracy Emmons—Tracy manages the customer experience from contracts to installation. She’s your go-to contact for pre-installation information, and delivers great service and attention to detail.

We’re Hiring!

We give back.

Throughout the year, the SpeedLine Giving Committee promotes and supports multiple events and initiatives that bring employees together to make a difference for people in need—within our company, our communities, and wherever the need is greatest worldwide. Some of our favourite causes:

Green is our favorite color.

Our Green Committee promotes a corporate citizenship strategy to help us reduce our eco-impact and make environmentally friendly choices in our day to day operations. A few of our regular events:

Run for Water

Run for Water

Earth Day Community Cleanup

Earth Day Community Cleanup

Earth Day Community Cleanup

Earth Day Community Cleanup

We all recycle!

We all recycle!