Restaurant Marketing: 5 Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales

By Tricia Hoy

In the restaurant business, selling your service can be as important as selling your goods. Sure, you make great pizzas—but what are your out-the-door and delivery times? Is the pizza arriving to the customer hot? And your staff: how do they measure up?

No matter how great the food is, every restaurant has room for improvement, both in customer service and in bolstering sales.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 things you can use to market your service and your food while boosting profits:

1. A Loyalty Program

Return business is the key to long-term success for most restaurants. What are you doing to ensure your guests keep coming back? Loyalty programs can help you increase order frequency and ticket size—so they can have a double benefit to your sales volume. SpeedLine user? SpeedLine has a variety of options for rewards programs: from the free, built-in SpeedLine Loyalty to Storecard by Vantiv for combined gift, mobile rewards, and digital payment. And for enterprise loyalty and customer marketing, the integrated Paytronix Loyalty is a highly customizable solution.


2. Staff Profiles

Your food may be tasty, but the heart of your restaurant is your team. Your staff keep your business running smoothly, so make a splash out of them! Profile a staff member monthly in a newsletter, box topper, or social media post, and celebrate your team. Not only will your staff members appreciate the acknowledgement, but your customers will also enjoy the personal touch. Want to take it one step further? A great work environment drives both service and sales. So consider a reward for employee of the month.


3. Your Online Menu

When customers go to your website to find out more about your restaurant, they want to know what’s on your menu. Your menu can be an integral part of your site. Make it more than just a list of the items you sell—include mouth-watering images and descriptions to tantalize your customers’ taste buds and encourage add-on sales.

6 steps to creating the perfect menu description

4. Contests

Contests can be a great way to generate excitement in your restaurant. There are many options, so get creative! Create a new dish, and use Facebook or Instagram to ask customers to name it. Offer a prize for the best suggestion. Or cross-promote with another business: host an enter-to-win in your restaurant featuring a prize from another business. This type of contest has the potential to earn new customers from the other business, while generating engagement with your existing customers.


5. Social Media

Social media offers an excellent platform to spread the word about your restaurant, and engage with your customers on a more personal level. Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to get the word out about your other marketing efforts (post contest announcements and results, special “insider” offers, menu item images, and staff photos). Are you using SnapChat? Check out this guide for more tips on restaurant marketing with social media marketing:

Read the Social Media Ebook now


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