Restaurant Management: The Big 4 Reports and Alerts to Watch

By Jennifer Wiebe

Let’s face it. It can be hard to keep your finger on the pulse of your pizzeria every hour of every day. But your point of sale system can track events for you, so management can keep an eye on the big picture.

Are you using all four of these key POS tools to help reduce theft and drive efficiency?

The Big 4 Reports and Alerts to Watch

  1.  Labor Restrictions in the point of sale system help ensure you are in compliance with local labor laws. This is particularly helpful with minor employees. The POS will alert you if you inadvertently schedule staff in violation of the labor code. Manage overtime restrictions for all employees. Set a maximum number of hours per week each employee can work. The POS will alert management when an employee is nearing or exceeding a restriction.
  2. The Time Clock in your POS can track and manage clock-in and clock-out times to avoid time theft. Use the time clock settings to define a clock-in or clock-out window. Early or late clock punches will require a manager override. Also use the time clock to control break times. This can prevent drivers from logging in with blank or expired license or insurance info.

Review the Time Clock Edits report at the end of the day for anything out of the ordinary. This report lists any changes that may have been made to recorded work hours or break times, and tells you who made the changes.

  1.  Notable Activity exception reports help you to identify any abuse-prone ticket activity that has occurred, such as editing tickets after tender. Review the Notable Activity report at day end for price change downs, voids, or additional discounts applied after an order has been saved. In a few minutes at end of day, you can catch suspicious activity before it costs your business a lot money.
  2. System Events reporting tracks activities in the POS that may indicate misuse, such as canceling a ticket, using training mode at an inappropriate time, or attempting to log in multiple times.

Interested in learning how these reports can help increase profit in your pizzeria?
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