Five Marketing Tips for Pizzerias

By Graham Masters

Marketing your brand can be a challenge for any restaurant, especially independent pizzerias. How do you decide where to start with a marketing campaign, and how do you get the best return on your investment?  Here are five marketing tips to expand your customer base and grow sales:

1. Get involved with your community.

Raise your profile and generate more business by getting involved with your community. Be part of community events, partner with local businesses, and support school and sports programs. And if you’re providing the food for an event, see if you can stay and help out, rather than just dropping off the goods.


2. Explore new social media platforms.

Your customers are online, and you probably already use Facebook and YouTube, Instagram or Twitter to generate interest and engage customers with your brand. Use these channels to connect with customers personally and introduce special offers. Try SnapChat to create urgency for limited-time offers. And use social media to listen to what customers want and how they feel about your food, your staff, and the whole brand experience. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.


3. Build a quality rewards program.

Everybody loves a prize. A rewards program like this one from Vantiv or this one from Paytronix—or the free, built-in single-store loyalty program in SpeedLine—will pay dividends in increased order size and frequency. Since your loyal customers are your bread and butter, promote your rewards program with eye-catching signage, mobile and online advertising, and email promotions. And give customers a reason to sign up: make the reward worth the effort.


4. Do mobile right.

Today’s world is highly mobile, so when you create your web site, make sure that it’s built to be responsive. Responsive sites adapt proportionately to whatever mobile device they are viewed on. Test your site on multiple phones and tablets, and confirm with your web designer or online ordering provider that it will look great to every visitor.


5. Hand out samples.

Free stuff again: Next to word of mouth, food IN mouth is the best way to engage new customers. Free samples generate warmth and interest toward your brand, and can easily turn a passing prospect into a return customer. Look for opportunities to share samples and info on your restaurant.


Deliver the goods, with a great product and better service, and these marketing tips will provide a great platform to grow sales and profit.


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Posted on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 @ 07:06 AM.
Updated on June 22, 2020 @ 7:26 PM PST.

Posted by Graham Masters

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