8 Ways to Drive Repeat Business with Email Marketing

By Jennifer Wiebe

The engine of an effective pizza POS system is the customer database. With your customers’ address contact information and detailed order history at your fingertips, you have the resources to build that most profitable line of sales: repeat business.

Email is a direct line to your customers. Using your online ordering site, and point of sale system you can build an email list of customers that have opted-in to hear from you.

Here are eight ideas you can use to leverage an email marketing campaign to bring customers in more often, and entice them to spend more:

1. Offer a deal.

Coupons translate well to email. Try package deals that drive up order size without cutting to deeply into profits.


2. Introduce a new menu item.

Trying something new? Display a mouth-watering picture of a new pizza with a description to announce it, and offer an introductory email-only special. 


3. Announce a charity promotion.

Getting involved in your community not only feeds your soul, but it can add to your bottom line. Find a charity or community group you can stand behind, and encourage your customers to participate too.


4. Invite customers to a special event.

Throw a party just for customers. VIP events build relationships and loyalty.


5. Solicit customer feedback.

Did you know that just asking for feedback improves customer satisfaction—even if they don’t take you up on the offer? Learn what your customers really think, and what you can do to improve.


6. Announce a new location opening.

Opening another location? Let your customers know! Invite them to recommend it to family and friends who live nearby.


7. Add a loyalty program.

Invite customers to join. Provide valued customers extra points if they mention the email when signing up.


8. Send a newsletter.

You can’t build a relationship through advertisements. Email customers to share news and pictures of customer events, new menu items, and staff.

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine POS user? Dive into customer preferences and order history—the essential ingredients for a well-informed and targeted marketing campaign.

How important is email to your marketing strategy today?


Posted on Wed, Sep 07, 2011 @ 09:09 AM.
Updated on June 22, 2020 @ 6:43 PM PST.

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