2018 Pizza, Delivery, & Restaurant Technology Trends

By Elizabeth Kelly

Happy 2018!

The last year brought about some big changes to the pizzeria industry, from increases in online ordering, to native mobile apps, robotic delivery, and third party delivery. In today’s post, we’ve collected the what we expect to be the hot pizzeria tech topics in 2018:

Placing Orders

Online Ordering

Online ordering is far from new, but for your customers it has changed from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” in 2018. An EMarketer report notes that 69% of internet users have ordered food online within the last year.

And online ordering isn’t only for delivery anymore. PMQ recently stated that 40% of the orders placed on Slice are for pick-up and takeout. Not offering delivery will no longer be an excuse to avoid setting up online ordering in 2018.

Consumers are looking for new, and easier ways to order that fit their lifestyles. Domino’s has been leading the way, introducing 10 new ordering methods in the past two years, including a zero-click ordering app, and tweeting a pizza emoji on Twitter.

Mobile Ordering

And while online ordering has become the norm, we expect many pizzerias to introduce mobile apps for their customers. In a recent guest post, SpeedLine tech partner Amin Yazdani of A.Y. Technologies points out that only 11% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on mobile browsers; the rest is spent on using native apps. Meeting customers where they are at—on their smartphones—is a trend pizzerias are widely adopting. And beyond pizza, we’ll see more quick service concepts follow the lead of brands like Starbucks and Wendy’s to connect with customers through mobile channels.

Voice Controlled Speakers

The newest trend in home connectivity is voice controlled speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, and we predict that online ordering will slowly (or not-so-slowly) move to incorporate voice ordering.


As we’ve touched on in past articles, the future of pizza delivery looks decidedly high-tech. For 2018, however, we don’t expect every pizzeria to begin delivering by automatic vehicle or drone. In fact, many of the advances being made in delivery methods are still at conceptual and testing stages. This will continue well into 2018.

The reality of delivery in 2018 will trend more towards third-party ordering and delivery services.

As UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub and other digital delivery services have entered the market, many pizzerias have been weighing their pros and cons. More are already juggling orders from two or three—or seven or eight—different third-party ordering apps.

Many restaurants that have benefited from this trend did not have existing delivery services.

Third party services present a different set of risks than in-house delivery, including higher costs and less control over the customer experience.

No matter which direction you decide to take your restaurant this year, you will likely need to determine whether, and how, you will deal with third party ordering and delivery services. If you decide to accept orders from third-party apps, integrating them with the POS will save labor, speed service, and allow you to make the best decision for your company with the fewest constraints.

We see a big year ahead for pizza and delivery technology, and look forward to new innovation and exciting advancements in 2018.


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Posted by Elizabeth Kelly

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