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Fall is just around the corner—leaves are changing color, temperatures are cooling, and pumpkins are ripening! It also brings some great opportunities to grow your business. Here are six innovative ways to ensure your menu is fall-ready.




Introduce new or limited-time menu items, like a pizza with an autumn twist or a fall dessert. Your menu will be saved in the system for easy access and adjustments for next year, too!

Speedy Tip
Customize where new menu item(s) are located on your interface so staff can quickly locate limited-time options.



Once you’ve added your new seasonal menu items, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to track those additional ingredients, how fast they’re used, and when you need to order more. SpeedLine’s Inventory functionality allows you to add those ingredients to your existing inventory lists to accurately track each of their usage and performance.


Direct Marketing

Create coupons, from a discounted fall dessert with the purchase of a fall-inspired pizza, to buy two fall pizzas for the price of one, and more—the possibilities are endless. Conduct targeted marketing campaigns using SpeedLine’s database marketing lists and a variety of third-party marketing integration solutions.


Speedy Tip
Define rules for size substitutions and restrict coupons by the time of day or minimum purchase so coupons are only used how and when you decide.



Featured Specials

Ready to highlight your new fall-inspired dishes at the forefront of your online menu? Update your featured specials to include your fall-themed items at the top of your online ordering site, so your customers see them right away!

SpeedDine - Featured Specials


Visual Customization

Celebrate the fall season by adding a touch of fall to your online ordering site with fall colors and imagery! Take new product images that have fall-themed backgrounds and colors, then you can switch your existing images with your new seasonal images. 

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