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The SpeedLine INSITE Training Center is an extensive library of online training videos and tutorials to teach you how to use SpeedLine effectively. The INSITE features an extensive selection of restaurant marketing videos and tutorials, on popular topics such as coupons, email marketing, direct mail, loyalty programs, and more.

Access to the SpeedLine INSITE Training Center is free for all SpeedLine customers with a support subscription. Not yet a member? Register now.

Take a tour of SpeedLine INSITE.

Take a tour of the SpeedLine INSITE

User Insights:

"Since installing SpeedLine, I have noticed we have much better cash control. The stores are more stable, and the service calls have gone way down in the stores where we have SpeedLine installed."

"What I like best about SpeedLine is the ability to manage the stores from the main office, the tools built into the system, and the support. I already have recommended SpeedLine to other pizzerias and I will continue to do so. Improvements are constant, and always geared towards making our business run a little better and giving us what we need out of a POS system. Also the support system for SpeedLine is top notch. They always take ownership of the problem I’m calling about and see it through to the end. Even when it’s had nothing to do with SpeedLine, they helped me figure it out and solve it – Impressive!"

Gary Hawkins, Pizza Hut - Bergen Foods Enterprises

Marketing with Your SpeedLine Restaurant POS

Loyal customers are the key to long-term profitability. Keep them coming back with SpeedLine’s customer marketing tools.

POS Marketing Articles

Topic:  Marketing
by Louise Rousseau

There's little doubt that gift cards are a promising source of business for pizza restaurant operators. These testimonials and tips will help you capitalize on the growing popularity of gift cards.

Topic:  Marketing, Restaurant Management
from Pizza Marketplace

Using your POS to map your delivery zones can help improve your ability to deliver hot pizza every time. Mapping can also enable you to track your hottest delivery zones and target your direct mail efforts for better return on your marketing dollars.

Topic:  Marketing
from Pizza Marketplace

Existing customers are "one of the greatest assets of your business." Learn how to keep them, in this article by Kamron Karington, author of "The Black Book: Your Guide to Creating Staggering Profits In Your Pizza Business."

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SpeedMail is a full-service database marketing program that lets you automate weekly postcard mailings to high-impact customer groups.

The program offers a lot of flexibility: plan weekly mailings with customized coupons to any segment of your database. Once you're set up, the program takes less than two minutes of a manager's time each week. Our direct marketing partner, Mailmark, does the work for you and reports back to you with your results.

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SpeedMail Postcards