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Restaurant POS and technology news, trends, best practices.
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3/30/2015 1:21 AM 




Posted By Carmen Vogel


Restaurant operators know that hiring and training managers is a critical factor in growing the business. Things happen fast in a busy establishment, and on-the-fly decisions are crucial to keep the business running smoothing. When you aren’t there, your managers make those game-time calls. Read on for 5 tips that can help you train managers effectively.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Staff can make or break a restaurant. They’re on the front line, representing your brand to the guests they serve. Friendly, well-trained staff can be your greatest asset. Poorly trained, ineffective staff can cost you business and cut into profits. Even so, training doesn’t always get the attention it should. Read on for advice on training staff for efficiency and quality service.    


Posted By Graydon Clarke

Hiring a new manager

Have you reached the point where your attention is pulled in so many directions, you need a clone? Eventually, any restaurant operator who craves sleep, a vacation, or a family life, will need to hire a manager. Or another manager. A great place to look is your own staff—but consider these points before promoting an employee to a manager role. Continue Reading...

Posted By Carmen Vogel

Customer Service Do

Customer Service is the foundation on which loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising is built. It always has been, and always will be. But nowadays, it’s almost as if being rude is the rule instead of the exception. Continue reading for the do's and the don't on restaurant customer service. 

Posted By Graydon Clarke

David Hick and management philosophy

I had the pleasure last week to interview one of our Account Executives, David Hick, about his time with SpeedLine, his time as head chef and kitchen manager at the Whistler Blackcomb Resort, and his experiences as a restaurant consultant. What I learned from our discussion was an interesting approach to restaurant management. Continue Reading...


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