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3/26/2015 5:56 PM 




Posted By Carmen Vogel


According to the National Restaurant Association, three quarters of employees steal from the workplace at least once—and half steal repeatedly. Of these, many do it because they are confident they won’t get caught. Those are scary numbers. You’re a business owner, not a 24/7 cash machine, so what can you do to prevent your employees from stealing? Continue reading to learn how your point of sale can identify internal theft now and save you from more in the future.


Posted By Graydon Clarke


SpeedLine trainer and former pizzeria owner Wiley Borg weighed in this week on the thorny topic of employee theft and restaurant security. Back in his restaurant days, Wiley operated without a point of sale system. Continue reading to learn how he dealt with theft in his restaurant, and what he would do differently knowing what he does today...

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Posted By Jennifer Wiebe

Locking down security

Take a look at part three of the guide to learn how to monitor, protect, and manage your hard-earned cash every day. Continue reading...

Posted By Graydon Clarke


Employee theft is always a touchy subject to deal with, and dealing with it can backfire on the employer if it is not done right. Are you taking steps to prevent and deal with employee theft? Continue reading for helpful tips on how to handle internal theft from your employees

Posted By Jennifer Wiebe

Locking down security

Time clock abuse is the most widespread form of theft in restaurants. Clock-in times and break length can be tough to track, and infractions hard to prove—particularly when staff cover for each other. Continue Reading...


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