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Restaurant POS and technology news, trends, best practices.
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4/1/2015 8:34 AM 




Posted By Carmen Vogel


The dream had come true: Customers poured in the doors, phones kept ringing, orders flew in. After a slow start, Pablo’s Pizza was coming into its own. But Paul and Kaci Knaysi felt out of control.Struggling to keep up with the business, they realized they needed help: They scrapped their pen and paper methods and installed a SpeedLine POS. “SpeedLine was a godsend,” Paul says. Read on for more on how Paul says the new POS “saved our business.” 


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Times were tough for independent pizza shops in small-town America. Todd Sichelstiel and his wife, owners of My Father’s Place in Warner Robins, GA, were starting to notice they were among the last ones standing in their town. In the beginning, Todd was reluctant to buy a computer. His staff had been urging him to get a POS system, but computers just weren’t his thing. Continue reading how installing a SpeedLine POS system helped Todd’s restaurant thrive and compete with the chains.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


The first Ali Baba Pizza opened in 1986 when George Murr converted one of his restaurants into a 2-for-1 pizzeria for delivery and take-out. The concept evolved: new, bolder pizza combinations bulked up the menu. Business picked up, and operations became more and more difficult to control. Find out how Ali Baba's leveraged a SpeedLine POS system to gain new control and grow the business.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Dennis Sheil, an engineer in the construction industry, purchased a Pizza Factory franchise in 2003 with his wife, sister, and brother-in-law. All of them have careers outside of the restaurant. Because they can’t be in the restaurant every day, Dennis and his partners rely on their full-time manager to run their business. There was a POS system in the restaurant when Dennis took over, but its limitations soon became apparent. After extensive research, SpeedLine POS was their choice for the future. Read on for the difference the right POS made for Pizza Factory.


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