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Restaurant POS and technology news, trends, best practices.
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2/28/2015 10:47 PM 




Posted By Lisa Siddons


At last month’s International Pizza Expo, I attended an excellent Social Media Roundtable discussion moderated by marketing specialist Joel Cohen and led by panelists who make extensive use of social media in their pizza businesses. During the Q & A, an operator stepped up to the mike to ask, “How do I prevent negative posts?” Of course the short answer to that is, “You can’t.” But read on for the panelists’ advice on how to deal with negative reviews—an inevitability even for the best restaurants.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Social media has quickly become a cornerstone of restaurant marketing. SpeedLine partner eThor makes it easy to manage all your social media marketing from a convenient online dashboard, integrated seamlessly with SpeedLine POS. Read on for a quick study guide from eThor: Social Media 101

Posted By Carmen Vogel


In the past five years, new consumer technology has had a profound impact on the restaurant industry. Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza saw the opportunity early. Their web and mobile ordering development, social media integration, and related development created a consumer demand that has many independent restaurant operators scrambling to catch up. Your competition is using technology to gain new customers. Continue reading for five ways you can leverage restaurant technology to your competitive advantage.


Posted By Jennifer Wiebe


At the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas last week, while the rest of us were busy at the booth, our intrepid development manager was on a quest: to soak in a cross-section of seminars and visit every booth on the floor. What he found, besides more pizza samples than he could eat, were a handful of interesting technology ideas, new insights into restaurant operations best practices, and a few potential partners.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Marketing is developing a whole new lexicon of terms. One of the most significant for restaurant marketers? “Socializing.” In today’s marketing lingo, “socializing” is the term for extending the reach of your direct mail, email, and ad campaigns through social media. Read on for 3 ways to get more people talking about your brand and more eyes on your marketing campaigns by integrating social media.


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