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Restaurant POS and technology news, trends, best practices.
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3/29/2015 11:33 AM 




Posted By Carmen Vogel


In the last installment of our series on growth and expansion for your restaurant business, we look at one of easiest tasks to accomplish: Listen, and take note. Keeping on top of industry trends, —whether you implement them or not—is just as important as building profit. Continue reading for how keeping your eyes open and your ears alert can help position your restaurant business for growth.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Knowing your numbers gives you new insight to make the changes in your restaurant business that can drive profit and growth. Continue reading for tips on using point of sale reports to improve restaurant performance.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


The two largest expenses any restaurant incurs are labor and inventory. The right POS system should add a new level of control in both areas. Today, we look at how prep planning based on sales forecast and history can help you control food cost and minimize waste.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


On continuing drought news last week, the USDA predicted a 2.5–3.5% percent rise in food prices in 2012 and another 3–4% in 2013. The Dairy & Food Market Analyst predicted another 13% increase in wholesale cheese prices by November. This is bad news for restaurant operators—perhaps most notably for pizza chains with value-priced buffets. Managing a buffet forecast, prep, and rotation is a science, and food costs tend to run higher than other concepts, primarily due to waste. Without careful management, even a wildly popular buffet can produce borderline profits. Read on for how your point of sale system can help you manage an efficient and profitable buffet.


Posted By Jennifer Wiebe


Choosing a point of sale system can be challenging for any restaurant company. A POS partner can have a major impact on your business over the long term, so understanding your business needs is the first step. Your requirements may differ from your competition, but these eight POS features will influence profitability for any restaurant business. 


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