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4/1/2015 6:26 AM 





Posted By Jennifer Wiebe

6.3 Feature - Payment Processing

SpeedLine 6.3 covers a lot of new ground. From time to time in On Point, we’ll highlight a few of the new features. 

SpeedLine 6.3 includes changes in payment processing to make day to day operations more efficient for you and your customers.

1.  Authorize payments for Web and mobile orders at the store, in real time when an order is placed online. This eliminates the risk of fake orders, while keeping all your credit card transactions together—so there’s no need to reconcile online and in-store payments separately.

2. Give your customers the option of paying for online orders by gift card. (Partial payment by gift card is supported too.) Give your guests more choice in how they pay.

3. Pre-authorize payments for online deferred orders. When someone places a future order on your website, the payment is authorized in advance to eliminate the risk of fraudulent orders.  

4. Fix mistakes with real time payment reversals. Avoid conflict with customers over voids by reversing payments when necessary, avoiding sticky customer service situations where a voided payment takes several days to be cleared from the customer’s account.

These are just a few of the many enhancements in SpeedLine 6.3.
Find out what else is new.

SpeedLine users: Questions about new features?
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