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3/27/2015 11:08 AM 





Posted By Carmen Vogel

Controlling restaurant profit drainsCould you sell more to your existing customers?

Your customers are your lifeline, and every time they order from you, you have an opportunity to build loyalty. Keep them coming back with these profitable approaches.

Upsell it.

Suggestive selling can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line. But training a new employee to upsell can be nearly impossible if the right tools and systems are not in place.  Standardize your upselling so it becomes second nature for your staff by building cues into your POS menu. SpeedLine, for example, provides the tools to script multiple upselling messages and choices based on what your customer orders. For more on how to do this, take a look here.

Spot promotions or manager specials, scripted into the ordering process, arean easy way to push slow-moving menu items in your restaurant. And because most POS systems track sales by item and employee, sales contests and incentive programs are easy to manage.

Building Loyalty, one customer at a time

Have a POS? Run a report right now to look at the sales volume your top 20 or 50 customers contribute to your total revenue. A loyalty program is an investment  in these customers—the ones who keep you in business. Keep track of points they earn with their purchases, display the rewards they’ve qualified for, and make them feel as though they matter. Rewards build loyalty and frequency—and even order size. It’s the Loyalty Trifecta.

If you are SpeedLine user, watch the SpeedLine Loyalty video tutorials here.

Database Marketing

Your customer database is another valuable tool you can leverage to improve service, customer retention, and profitability. Record customer addresses, contact info, birthdays, and more. Your POS system tracks customers’ ordering habits and can flag first-time customers, prompting staff to hand out a menu or a magnet, or to remind a frequent customer that there is a special coupon at the bottom of their receipt for next time. The address information you collect in the customer database can also be used to send targeted offers to your customers by mail or email.

If you are a SpeedLine customer, try these tutorials for step-by-step assistance:

           Marketing at the Point of Sale
           30-60-90 Mailings
           Marketing with Mass E-mail

For a more detailed recap of this series on restaurant profit drains, download The Top 3 Restaurant Profit Drains and How to Stop Them.

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