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3/28/2015 1:23 AM 





Posted By Carmen Vogel

Pat and Sally O’Neal approached POS shopping with as much care and attention to detail as they invested in every other aspect of their business. After short-listing three point of sale systems, Pat and Sally spent a full dinner rush at a restaurant running each of them. They watched staff take orders, make change, and balance tills. They talked to staff and asked a lot of questions. By doing their research, the O’Neals were able to make a confident choice in the right POS for their restaurant. 

The O’Neals were thorough: “Buying a POS is a big decision,” Pat noted. “If you sell pizza and do delivery, it’s important to have a system that’s pizza specific. And beware of beta tests and final tests and features that are supposedly coming soon. If it’s not there already and you need it, just don’t buy it!”

The O’Neals installed SpeedLine in 2006. During this time, Sally was fighting an ongoing battle with cancer. The O’Neals remained positive despite the odds: “I saw a window in Sally’s illness and I said, ‘let’s get this POS installed,’” Pat recalls. “She was very much in favor of getting it done.” Although weakened by chemotherapy, Sally remained a driving force in the business. Pat and Sally were replacing an outdated POS that had seen better days with a brand new 5-station system from SpeedLine. Despite a few initial hiccups, they were impressed with their new POS.

For the O’Neals, the deciding factor was support. “The support for our previous POS was poor.” Patt adds, “When we visited SpeedLine users, they were all happy with support.” Pat remains confident in his POS choice: “After the initial investment, you see a return much quicker than with a cheaper system,” he says. “Support price is fair and technicians are excellent. And the system works!”

Sadly, Sally passed away after a valiant battle with lung cancer. But the passion and devotion she had invested in the restaurant left a profound impact.

Efficient Operations

From décor to recipes, Pat always keeps quality in focus, but still manages to run a tight ship with Sally’s vision in mind: He uses only the freshest ingredients, but keeps food costs below 30 per cent, and labor costs around 22 per cent. “With the tough economy, we’ve cut back on labor significantly,” Pat explains. “We use SpeedLine’s sales forecasting to make sure we cut labor when we don’t have sales, because cutting labor when you’re busy usually costs you sales.”

Stopping Fraud

“The ability I have to go back and recall every single detail of a transaction from the time we started with SpeedLine is incredible,” Pat says, and critical in his high volume operation. “I can go from a report to a transaction, and check line by line every single action that occurred on a ticket.”

In fact, that complete ticket history was a critical factor in dealing with a problem with theft at Sally's. When a server alerted Pat to some suspicious transactions, he investigated. “SpeedLine provided complete time-stamped documentation so I was able to go into my camera system and document on film that theft had indeed occurred,” he explains. “The beauty of that is that SpeedLine caught every bit of it over the eight-month period it took place.”

Read the whole story about Sally and Pat here.

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