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Restaurant POS and technology news, trends, best practices.
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3/4/2015 4:09 PM 




Posted By Carmen Vogel

money grab

As a restaurant operator, you no doubt watch food costs carefully. But do you pay the same attention to menu pricing? Pricing your menu profitably is critical to the financial health of your business. Read on for a look back at restaurant pricing keys - balancing margin and guest value for maximum profit. 


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Customer loyalty is the number one profit driver for independent restaurants, and an integral piece in planning for growth. In part 5 of our growth and expansion series we take a look at building customer loyalty, one guest at a time.


Posted By Carmen Vogel


Training staff to upsell consistently is, frankly, an uphill battle. But when it comes to upselling, restaurants have an advantage over other businesses: your guests typically won’t take suggestive selling as a pressure tactic; in fact, they will usually regard upselling as good service. Read on for a new guide: Orders Upsized: Systemized Upselling at the Point of Sale. 


Posted By Carmen Vogel


In part III of a series on positioning your restaurant for growth, we dig deeper into best practices for menu design. A profitable menu is one where every item comes close to contributing equally to gross profits, either through margin or sales volume. Read on for more on driving profits with menu engineering.


Posted By Carmen Vogel

familyeatingpizza_Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Your existing customers are your bread and butter, and marketing programs that target them directly will be more effective than virtually any other marketing investment. Read on for customer-driven marketing strategies and what you can do to apply them.


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